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We’re much more than meat.

We’re all about bringing you the finest foods and distinct flavours that continue to connect us to our roots.


149 Brisbane Street, Perth – WA   


Mon to Wed: 9am – 5pm 

Thur to Fri: 9am to 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 3pm

Sunday: 10am to 2pm



M Draper
We don't buy our BBQ meat's etc anywhere else. And with the Xmas menu to order from even better 👍. Churras had the Saturday BBQ out front of the shop today.. yummy 🤤.😎
Grant Young
I was fortunate enough to spend some time working in Brazil and ever since I cook all my barbeques churrasco style. The ability to get top quality Brazilian style meat cuts and condiments at Churras is amazing. My 12 year old son won't let me drive past without stopping for a steak sandwich after a Saturday soccer game. The staff are all great. Obrigado Churras!
Yleana Hoyos
I could find my Colombian products at affordable prices. Excellent customer service.
Oscar E. Monsalve
Nice place to find South American stuff. Friendly staff that always receive you with a smile and the best attitude. I♥Churras!
Alex Couto
After receiving the usual amazing service I was pleased to watch the guy behind the counter leave the shop simply to help an old lady across the road. Great quality products, reasonable price and amazing service. No wonder you guys have 5 stars all over.
Luigi Proto
Great products (great sausages) and nice staff. I love this place.
Conrado Pereira
Churras is obrigatory pit stop for the weekend. And the Xmas special Bacalla is wonderfull!

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